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Our company entered the market just in spring of 2016. During this period we established strong partnership relations with both small facilities of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, and the biggest metallurgical plants of the CIS.

We are striving to meet the customer’s requirements and win the fair competitive struggle. In this matter, Aqua-Uglerod has developed the conception based on the following principles:

  • using modern and innovative equipment only;
  • implementation of the world innovations along with organic development;
  • closest quality control of the final products;
  • flexible pricing, low costs;
  • domestic and international delivery.

Aqua-Uglerod is a company specialized in processing of coal taken from mines of Rostov oblast for the steel making facilities.We established a unique complex reducing moisture concentration to 0.5%.

Nowadays, there are three groups of product produced on our plant: innovative high-carbon material, carbonizer and foaming slags. Each of them passes through internal quality control before packaging. The control procedure is carried out by the QC department with the laboratory passed the state certification.

The history of Aqua-Uglerod hasn’t been long, but it is being created everyday by the hard work of our team which implements the world innovations, carries out organic development, scaling up production and establishes ties with new partners. Our company is really competitive and we are ready to demonstrate it. We have a lot to offer to our customers – excellent quality, innovative products reasonable price.

Feel free to contact us! We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation!